Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Officials Question 9/11 Commission Report - A blistering indictment of the 911 cover-up. Dozens of high level government and military
go public. - Alex Jones &
Truth News - We The People Radio Network. Catch Randy Kelton & Deborah Stevens' show, "The Rule of Law" 9-11pm CST Thu & Fri nights. - Scientific panel investigating 911. - a quick and comprehensive guide to 911 Truth with particular appeal to Christians - Prominent physicists discuss the outright impossibility, according to all known laws of physics, of the government's explanation of why the towers collapsed - 911 Truth News and Blogs. Three Shoes Posse is
podcast on this site. Click here. - Help stop the looters from setting up double taxing
toll roads.

Police & Miltary Against the New World Order - Highly decorated lawman and military veteran Officer Jack McLamb's association has the singular goal to prevent our brothers and sisters in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom, one world government system. "Our motto spells out this truth: IF POLICE OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS WILL NOT ENFORCE TYRANNY, IT WILL NEVER

Mainscream Media and
Reading Between the Rasters - two
awesome blogs by Celtron who has access to the AP wire. Up-to-date info.

The Jeff Davis Show - Broadcast worldwide, this is one of the longest running and most successful shows on Austin Cable Access. Over 8,000 shows since 1990! Catch Jeff's show for Constitutional & Libertarian views with outrageous comedy. Call in live!
Deborah Stevens will be participating in upcoming shows. - Saving the world one drill at a time. This site monitors military drills and exercises to stop them from becoming real. The morning of 911 there were over 15 simultaneous drills, the most ever conducted in one day, and several of them involved flying hijacked planes
into the WTC and the Pentagon. - DJRJ's site of Reggae events in Texas. - Root 1 Band site, our other band - Electronic voting machines have been proven to be easily hacked. Since votes are cast and counted on internal software there is no way to independently audit an election even with a "paper trail". We are working to return our election system to hand-counted paper ballots in public view, the most accurate and reliable method.

Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance - stop the implementation of RFID implantation into farm animals and pets. This is a dangerous situation for animals and destroys family farms.

Terrorstorm - Alex Jones' most powerful documentary ever. Chock full of indisputable hard evidence of the history of government sponsored terror. Governments have also revealed they do this time and time again in their own declassified documents.

911 Press For Truth - Families of the victims of 911 tell their story of how they were stonewalled by the Bush administration and the 911 Commission in their quest for the truth of 911. Patty Casazza, one of the Jersey girls, said "They lied, they all lied."

America:Freedom to Fascism - Aaron Russo's powerful expose of the fraudulent federal personal income tax and the Federal Reserve, plans for required RFID implants to participate in their fiat currency system, and more.

The Fiat Money System - Alex Jones interviews Dr. Bill Veith about the true nature and history of fiat currencies, the Federal Reserve, and the fractional reserve system.

911 Eyewitness - 911 Documentary by Rick Siegel. Incredible eyewitness footage and solid scientific analysis. Shocking images of giant 4-ton sections of steel beams from the WTC towers that had been propelled 500 ft away and sticking horizontally out of the sides of other steel structures, looking like giant arrows shot into a target. - A short, scientific, factual, non-sensational video including explanations by MIT engineerJeff King illustrating what really could have caused the buildings to collapse - The homepage of the powerful documentary "911 Mysteries". "It does not take much to think for yourself. Start with one question. Follow it as it forms a trail. There are dozens of videos, books and links to explore. Start here."

Loose Change - One of the most popular and thought-provoking 911 Truth Documentaries ever. It has been seen all over the world, downloaded over 10 million times and translated into 13 languages. - short video tv ads for enlightenment and a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can prove that the government's version of the story is even scientifically possible. No one has accepted the challenge yet.